Austinites Give Daily Commute the Boot

AUSTIN – More people are working from home in the Austin area than any other major U.S. city, according to Census Bureau data.

Nearly 9 percent of people ages 16 and up with jobs in the Austin area telecommute, the data show.
The national average is 5 percent.
So what’s up with Austin? Why do so many people work from home here?
Kara Kockelman, an engineering professor at the University of Texas, offered some insights into why:
  • Austin has a lot of highly educated people, and those people tend to work in white-collar professional jobs where it’s possible to work from home.
  • Austin also has a large number of people who work in the tech industry, which is known for jobs that are tethered to a computer and could be done virtually anywhere. There are roughly 120,000 people who work in Austin’s tech industry.
  • Census data show that about 40 percent of Austin’s households have at least two workers.
  • And lastly, there’s the Austin traffic.


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