Home Buyer Inspections


Home Buyer InspectionsResearch indicates the average home inspection yields between 8 to 12 deficiencies. In reality, most homes could have 3 to 4 times that amount! Choose a home inspector who will evaluate every structure on a 1000-point checklist. Most problems are minor, but knowing about them before you buy can save you time and money down the road.

Hancock is 100% independent and stakes his reputation on your satisfaction.

Most people are overwhelmed with the time and effort involved in buying a home. Finding time to fill out documents, run papers around town and juggle appointments between realtors, banks and insurance agents is not an easy task. That is why you need a home inspector who takes a personal interest in your satisfaction. Wade Hancock will perform an independent, comprehensive inspection and will take the time to explain his findings to you so that there are no surprises after you move in.

Hancock only has one goal for any inspection: YOUR COMPLETE SATISFACTION!

Warranty Inspections

Is your home warranty about to expire? It’s time to call a professional!

warranty inspectionsHow can you be sure that an unforeseen or hidden problem isn’t on the verge of costing you a lot of money? Don’t wait until after your warranty expires to find out – it’ll be too late.

A problem caught early often pays for itself!

Now is the time to have your home assessed by a licensed professional and independent Inspector. Wade Hancock of Hancock Consulting and Inspections (TREC #20451) puts his name on the line to provide your family with one of the most thorough inspections in the state of Texas. Wade will identify any problem which need to be addressed before your warranty expires, and will help you make an educated decision about extending your home warranty.

If 10 problem items aren’t identified, your inspection is FREE! You have nothing to lose!

New Construction


new constructionMost folks believe they will have fewer problem items on a newly constructed home; this mindset could be a costly mistake. While time will help to expose maintenance issues, the quality of construction, or lack of quality is with your home from the very beginning.

Interesting fact: Up to 90% of the settling of a foundation usually occurs within the first two years of construction.

Hancock is 100% Independent which means neither your real estate agent, general contractor or any subcontractors’ interests are not of any concern to Hancock. Our allegiance is to you and you alone.

Let Hancock help to provide peace of mind and help ensure you are getting the home of your dreams.


“I used Wade for a new construction home, to do 3 inspections. He is absolutely fantastic. He is very knowledgeable, very thorough, and very good at explaining everything in easy to understand language. He runs his business with integrity and actually has the clients’ interests at heart. He, or his wife Lisa is is equally as superb, are available all the time it seems for questions, concerns, etc. Their response time to e-mail and phone call is always within 15 minutes in my experience, and they really work with you through the many changing time frames of the home building process. The value is exceptional for the quality of work and the perfect customer service you get from Hancock Consulting. I cannot recommend them enough. From start to finish, they really take a lot of the stress out building a home, and knowing that it is getting done right to make a safe, quality environment for our family. If you want the job done right, with someone you can trust, who actually goes the extra mile, choose Hancock Consulting.”

– Eric H., New Braunfels, TX 2013
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“Mr. Wade Hancock was prompt and professional. He submitted the full report within the promised time.  Report was very detailed with pictures kept near findings. I had originally schedule my inspection with another company whose wife pulled the whole, we do this and no other inspectors won’t or don’t do this” kind of deal.  It was just annoying because only customers would know that.  She, by the way, was wrong because many things she says only her inspector guy does, Wade Hancock definitely did it.  I will recommend him to all my friends and family.”

-Daria G., Converse, Texas 2015

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“have used Wade Hancock for TWO inspections in New Braunfels, TX of older homes (1936 and 1922, respectively). He really takes the time to go through EVERY LITTLE THING with you and explain the importance of each issue. He is very timely with his report (I received both of mine the next day) and the report is very detailed with several pictures. Because of him I did not go through with the first home puchase and because of him I felt comfortable going into the second purchase!”

-Mina M., New Braunfels, Texas

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