New Construction


new constructionMost folks believe they will have fewer problem items on a newly constructed home; this mindset could be a costly mistake. While time will help to expose maintenance issues, the quality of construction, or lack of quality is with your home from the very beginning.

Interesting fact: Up to 90% of the settling of a foundation usually occurs within the first two years of construction.

Hancock is 100% Independent which means neither your real estate agent, general contractor or any subcontractors’ interests are not of any concern to Hancock. Our allegiance is to you and you alone.

Let Hancock help to provide peace of mind and help ensure you are getting the home of your dreams.


Great service, they answered all of my questions. Wade and his wife are truly there to help you understand the multiple things that are part of a home inspection. They provided me with a professional detail report. Most of all they take the time to walk with you and teach you on the construction of your home. Highly recommend if you are building a new home. Having an independent inspector should be on the top of your list. They are awesome.
Joe T.
Google Review May 2020

I had no idea about the things Wade Hancock identified with our new house. They worked with me and the builder to get the inspection completed. He provided clarification when I did not understand as well as the best practices used based on the state and federal laws. Highly recommend Hancock Consulting.

Deluca T.

October 2019