A Peaceful Home Buying Experience

Hancock’s Guide to a Great Home Inspection


“Will the house pass the inspection??” is a very common question I get from prospective home buyers. These folks are usually in the very center of the stress-filled cyclone that is the typical home buying process.

It does not have to be this way.

If you are a prospective home buyer conducting research or if you are in the middle of contract negotiations and under a 10 day option period, the following information is definitely for you.

A thorough home inspection is a critical part of the home buying process and, if performed correctly, will provide the home buyer with comfort, understanding and peace of mind.  No house can ever ‘fail’ an inspection.  This usually only happens as a result of fear of the challenges that are present on any given property.  This fear can be dissolved into confidence. This comes with knowledge and understanding the big picture associated with every problem item.

Great! How can this accomplished?

Most people strive to understand and control most of the critical aspects of their lives. This is certainly true with the purchase of a home.  To obtain this peace of mind, the inspector must work to instill confidence that comes with understanding the truth behind the problem items they identify.

This can be accomplished if three criteria are met:

The inspector must be independent from any conflict of interest that could influence the report.

  1. The inspector must be independent from any conflict of interest that could influence the report.
  2. The inspector must take a comprehensive approach to their reporting process.
  3. The inspector has to provide an education-first approach to how they relay the information to their client.

If the home inspector takes on the responsibility of acting as an advocate for their client, they and their clients will quickly find themselves in a student-teacher relationship. A verbal report should be presented on sight and a written report with photographs should be provided at a later time as well.  The inspector should be patient and answer questions fully. At the end of the inspection process the client should have as much information as they need in order to feel comfortable meeting the challenge of any problem item identified on the report. Finally, the inspector should remain accessible throughout the process; even after the report is presented.

If the inspector utilizes an education-first approach to providing peace of mind to their clients, no property can ever ‘fail’ an inspection.  The specific deficiencies with a property may be more challenging than the client wants to accept for a given sale price, but fear should never be a factor in the decision to purchase a home or to move on.

The goal for any inspector should be for their client’s home buying decision to be based on a complete understanding of the challenges associated with the property.  If this comfort level can be achieved, the stress associated with the home buying process will be greatly reduced.

You deserve a peaceful home buying process.  After all, it’s a great feeling to know your home!




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