Lisa was very easy to work with and made the whole process seamless! Wade takes time to personally go over the inspection report which was helpful in making sure we understood it all and gave us the opportunity to ask any questions!
Joanna G.
Google Review September 2020
Wade & Lisa Hancock are super easy to work with and provide an extremely professional service. They did my home inspection and identified some significant roofing issues that would have cost me a ton of money. At the end of the day, they’ll tell you what you need to be concerned with and what’s not that important. Super happy with this service.
Christopher C.
Google Review August 2020
The service I encountered was professional and polite. Buying a house during the pandemic is a bit more stressful than normal. They handled it with professional courtesy. Since we are practicing social distancing I was able to provide the payment over the phone and they promptly emailed my my inspection Report within 24 hrs. They also provided a pest control inspection for a reasonable price at the same time that way I had 2 inspections done at once. I would highly recommend their services.
Heather Cantu
Google Review July 2020
Wade Hancock should get 10 stars! He was very professional during my home inspection which is still currently under construction. He found things I never would have noticed and prevented potential headaches later. From the first call and talk with his assistant, who btw is his wife and she was also a consummate professional. my worries were eased. I will use Hancock Consulting & Inspections for my home inspection before closing and again prior to warranty ending. As for cost, the price of this inspection was very reasonable and competitive. The cost was no comparison to the cost of me fixing any of these items down the road. Wade explained all items in terms I could understand. What I really like is that he has a thermal imaging tester. We will use that at my next inspection prior to closing. If you need a home inspection (trust me you do), call Wade Hancock!
Tyrone T.
Google review July 2020
Great service, they answered all of my questions. Wade and his wife are truly there to help you understand the multiple things that are part of a home inspection. They provided me with a professional detail report. Most of all they take the time to walk with you and teach you on the construction of your home. Highly recommend if you are building a new home. Having an independent inspector should be on the top of your list. They are awesome.
Joe T.
Google review May 2020
Wade was very professional and detailed! We also appreciate all the maintenance tips he gave us! Highly recommend!!!
Natalia K.
Google review April 2020
Wade did an excellent Job inspecting the home and was very thorough when reviewing his findings. Highly recommend for top notch service!
Ryan D.
Google Review  March 2020
Very professional and was able to perform the inspection less than 24 hours after ordering. Helped pinpoint some major issues with the house we were looking to purchase. AC system being one, a potential 5-10k purchase. Now I can negotiate that with the seller and hopefully get a better deal. I’d imagine this inspection will pay for itself many times over if they end up replacing the AC for us.
Cary K.
Google Review March 2020
Couldn’t be happier with our experience with Hancock and the inspection on our new home. This is the second time we have used Hancock for our new home inspection and we will not use anyone else. They are extremely detailed yet fast. They are clearly experts but can speak about an issue where anyone could understand. They are extremely professional, yet you feel at home in every conversation. I simply cannot recommend them enough.
Justin R.
Google Review  March 2020
 Hancock did an excellent job for us. His inspection was thorough and reasonably priced. He spent time with us and gave us insightful perspectives that allowed us to make informed decisions about buying our new property. Although his expertise was impressive, what we most appreciated was his ability to explain things on a level a layperson can understand. We recommend him highly. ~
Dina T
Google Review February 2020
We totally appreciate Wade and his professional attitude and
knowledge. Although we loved the home he meticulously inspected ,Wade provided us with adequate information that we needed in order to make the best decision at this  point in our lives. Thank you ! We would not hesitate to request another inspection in the future.
Kathy T.
Yelp Review  February 2020
Hancock is the only company I trust to do inspections when buying homes in the New Braunfels, Tx area. I have used their inspection services twice this year and each time, Hancock’s thoroughness and attention to detail has led to discoveries that changed the real estate deal. The relatively fee will certainly pay for itself many times over. I will certainly be calling Hancock for my next real estate purchase. Thanks, Hancock!
Ken H.
Google Review October 2019
Great service, I called and they answered. it was exactly what I was looking for and for a great reasonable price. Their report is very detailed. Thank you.
Dawn Brewer
Google Review October 2019
Wade is a very upfront guy who knows his business. He is very knowledgeable and friendly. His findings kept us from buying a house that would have been a lot of trouble. Lisa is great too. Definitely recommend this company.
Stella H.
Google Review September 2019
I had no idea about the things Wade Hancock identified with our new house. They worked with me and the builder to get the inspection completed. He provided clarification when i did not understand as well as the best practices used based on the state and federal laws. Highly recommend Hancock Consulting.
Deluca T.
Google Review  September 2019
Wade is a nice guy and does a very thorough inspection. He’s done several for me, and the last one saved me thousands of dollars. The seller of the property kicked back money to replace a dying A/C unit and replace toilets that didn’t work. If Wade makes a recommendation, you should listen to him!
Here’s the email I sent Wade today:

I just wanted to let you know that you saved me $5,000!
When you inspected the condo at ********, you noted that the A/C wasn’t cooling properly, so I told the seller he had to fix it in order to close escrow. We went around and around with him, but in the end the seller kicked back $4,500 out of escrow to (almost) cover the cost of a completely new A/C unit.
The seller also made some half-hearted repairs to the plumbing, and then kicked back another $500 to replace toilets.
Thank you for doing a thorough job. I’m learning to listen to you!

Wade’s a nice guy, very thorough. When he makes a recommendation, LISTEN TO HIM! (I’m learning)

Christine B.
Yelp Review September 2019

Wade conducted my one year warranty inspection this week.  He was on time and very professional.  Wade did an extremely thorough inspection and explained every item in great detail.  I just submitted his inspection to the builder and am waiting for their response.

I would highly recommend Wade and his company for any of your inspection needs.

Vicki C.
Yelp Review September 2019
A very good professional consulting firm. They are very knowledge, helpful and provide great customer support too. Wade was our home inspector, he is an excellent property / building inspector too. Wade uses advance state of the art technologies, tools and devices to inspect our home. He is very professional, displays attention to details and customer focused when explaining the findings, test and imagery done in a new home we are buying. I strongly recommend Hancock Inspection and consulting for your home buying inspections.
John V
Google Review April 2019
Hancock was excellent!! They are friendly, professional, and do incredible work!! Wade was very thorough and detail-oriented. He carefully examined our house and reported each item that needed addressed. They were very helpful, scheduling our appointment and following up. Would definitely recommend this wonderful business to anyone needing a home inspection!
Harmony C
Google Review April 2019
Excellent, Thorough, and Expedient
James R
Google Review March 2019
Used for a 1 year warranty inspection. Called on a Sunday, answered promptly and had an inspection scheduled on the best day that worked for me. Showed up exactly when he said he would. Report was great, found issues with the house I didn’t even think to look at. Example: a half wall in the house, that I never even notice, was loose and moved outside of industry standard. Also walked us through and gave us great tips to avoid costly repairs in the future. Even noticed that we had no CO2 detectors in a house that uses Gas! Oops, problem corrected. Would recommend to anyone.
Allen D
Google Review March 2019
I called to schedule an inspection as our one year warranty was about to expire. I got an appointment for the next day! We got a thorough inspection plus other tips on how to maintain our home. I would highly recommend this company.
Fanell S
Google Review March 2019
We were very pleased with Wade’s inspection. He went above and beyond telling us things to do that were not a home warranty item to avoid problems in the future. I would high recommend this company.
Mickey I
Google Review Feb 2019
Wade & Lisa Hancock from Hancock Inspections saved me from buying a few homes that would have been money pits, from major foundation repairs to plumbing nightmares & roof issues. I easily saved 20k+ and avoided 3 homes that had huge underlying issues, which were all explained thoroughly. I was ready to make some big mistakes and luckily I had Hancock on my team. These people care about their clients, and I could see that from the 1st home inspection to that last one they provided for me. I’m thankful for this Duo and would seriously recommend you try them out for your inspection needs. I’ve found the right house now and can confidently move forward with it, and that’s a big deal to me. Thank you again Wade & Lisa!
Joseph T
Google Review Dec 2018
Mr Hancock did my home inspection and covered literally everything that could be covered. He explained so much to me about the home that was so very helpful with moving forward amd havi g my home perfectly prepared for me. He truly was there for me, the buyer! Mrs Hancock was always very helpful on the phone very nice to work with. If ever I buy again I will most certainly use this company and will recommend to all my friends.
Monica R
Google review Dec 2018
The only inspection company I have used in the past 6 years. Wade has inspected all of our investment properties, some we ended up not buying because of the issues he found. Trust him so much he just inspected our retirement home we just built. Lisa is great at the communication and office end. Excellent company.
Michele L
Google Review  Dec 2018
From the moment that I called to get information, I knew that I had selected the right company to do our inspection. Lisa was knowledgeable, friendly, and was able to schedule our inspection within 72 hours. They could have done it that day, but we were unavailable. Wade did an excellent job on the actual inspection finding even the minor things, and was able to explain his findings in a way that we could understand. We had the actual report within 24 hours, and couldn’t have been more pleased. I will recommend Hancock Consulting and Inspections from now on.
Lisa L
Google Review Nov 2018
I am so glad we chose Hancock Consulting and Inspections. Wade even took the time to walk my husband around the house and explain everything in the inspection report good and bad. The report its self was professional yet very easy to understand including pictures. I will be keeping their information on hand in case I need to use them again in the future. I would definitely recommend their services.
Hillary S.
Google Review September 2018
Experienced, professional, and incredibly thorough! I highly recommend Hancock Consulting and Inspections.
Liza F.
Google Review August 2018
Wade is very thorough I highly recommend him.
William S.
Google review August 2018
Great service! Wade is an obvious expert and his staff was incredibly helpful. I’d recommend them to anyone. Superb.
Tom C.Google review
July 2018

Wade & Lisa are fantastic to work with. The home inspection done for my moms home was exceptionally through, and very easy to understand.  The coordination they did setting up specially termite and pool inspections at the same time was great

***one important note.  Wade emphasized several times his Recommendation&  the importance of getting a hydrostatic test done.  We did THANK GOD – cause it failed in several areas.  The sellers had to completely redo all the pipes under the house and it cost them over $20k.     THANK YOU WADE FOR YOUR THROUGH AND AWESOME INSPECTION.


Tracy S.
Yelp review June 2018


Hancock Consulting & Inspections, PLLC
29 reviews

We have used Hancock Consulting 3 times over the past few years. On a pre-purchase inspection of a pre-owned home, Wade saved us from making a very costly buying mistake. We later learned that the deficiencies he pointed out to us cost the next buyer over 60K to remediate. Wade’s inspection was truly the best money I have ever spent. Our second and third inspections by Wade were performed on our new build home; a pre-drywall inspection and a 12 month warrant inspection. Although the builder performed numerous “third party” inspections, we opted for our own regardless. Wade noted several items that I would never even have thought of and found deficiencies that the third party builders inspection didn’t observe or report. Probably the second best money I have ever spent. The end result was a very well built home that will last us for a long time, properly maintaining it of course. Overall, Wade and Lisa own and operate an exceptional business. Lisa was very communicative and scheduled at our convenience. Wade was very professional and friendly and took the time to explain everything in easy to understand terminology. Even after a thorough verbal report, I received a very detailed written report the very next day that I was able to submit to the builder. It is very evident that he is truly anadvocate for the home buyer!

Jeff M.
Google review May 2018

Used the services of Hancock Inspections, and my only regret is not using them for the entire build process. Wade is awesome at what he does found some important issues that likely would have gone unnoticed at closing. Thank you for your awesome attention to detail and matching professionalism. I would be remiss if I didn’t also give honorable mention to whom I assume to be his other half , superb customer service! Would use again if it were ever necessary and will definitely recommend to others.

M. Giles
Google Review Sept 2017


We had a great experience working with Wade. As someone who is pretty ignorant when it comes to construction, I appreciated the time Wade took to walk through the items on the inspection report with me and convert the jargon into layman’s terms. His report was very thorough, and I felt like the inspection more than paid for itself. In fact, we had planned to only do a pre-dry-wall inspection, but it was so valuable that we’ve also decided to contract with Hancock Consulting to do a final inspection as well.

G. Young
via Google Review, Aug 2017

I would like to recognize Hancock Consulting and Inspections for an exceptional home inspection. We are new to the area and we’re unfamiliar with who we could trust. Wade the inspector gave a thorough inspection to our new construction. We received our report quickly. Without a doubt he inspected every inch of our home. This is the biggest investment you can make. I suggest you use Hancock to make certain it is a sound investment. His wife Lisa was wonderful to deal with as well. She accommodated our schedule. Their fees are very reasonable….every bit saved helps when you are moving!

J. Scarpper
Google Review, Aug 2017
Very professional and kind. Punctual and took time out to explain things to me in a way that I could understand it. Eager to help and provide sound advice with multiple options. I had a great experience with this company and I would highly recommend them. The buying and selling process is a stressful one and can be overwhelming. I spoke to a real jerk before I reached out to this company. The report was professional and understandable!
D. Mulinax
Google Review July 2017

I have met and hired at least a dozen home inspectors and they are not all the same. Hancock Home Inspections is a First Class operation. He was on time and answered all my questions in detail. Lisa, the manager always called me back in a timely manner when ever I had a question.I give Hancock 5 Stars!!!!!

Jose O. August 2016

Via Google Review, New Braunfels

Out-of-town buyer…That is the position I found myself in. I contacted Lisa in the office at Hancock, and could not have been more impressed with her concern and professionalism. I explained that Wade was going to be the eyes that I could not be. He far exceeded my expectations in the detail of his written reports, complete with photos and explanations. Submitted to me not only on time but ahead of scheduled. I cannot stress enough how much Hancock has lessened my concern over the purchase of my new home.

 My sincere thanks and gratitude go out to both Lisa and Wade.

Dean M ….. Chicago Il., August 2016

via direct email

I needed an inspector and had used a particular one, but not in some years and so I flat out could not remember their name. I called a half dozen different inspectors in the area and the only ones that sounded interested in doing a rough-in inspection and also knowledgeable, was Lisa and Wade. From the start, they were polite and friendly. They answered all my calls and emails asking how they handle the process. We set an appointment and, they rescheduled three times, due to timing with the builder, not their control, so no worries there. When I showed up at the house, Wade was finishing up his inspection. He started on one end of the house and worked his way to the other and then to the 2nd floor. He found every single item I expected him to find and a few I did not. Granted, the builder did a fine job on the house, so it was not like we had a ton of items, but even the smallest details were noticed and documented. He explained each and every item in a professional and friendly matter, so as to not make me feel like I did not understand. I highly recommend Wade and Lisa. I read every review, asked as many questions as I could, and do not regret the choice in the slightest. I expect to have them back to do the final inspection soon!

Russ B. August 2016

via Google Review, Austin

I used Wade and Hancock Consulting for a home inspection in central Austin and must say that I am very happy with the service I was provided. Wade took the time to thoroughly go over many of his concerns and it was very evident that the guy knows his stuff.

Russ F. December 2015

Via Google Review, Austin

Wade showed up promptly, was very professional, answered all questions, and provided a report, including photos, later the same day. My wife and I have purchased three homes previously, and Wade provided the most detailed and thorough home inspection report I have seen. I would highly recommend him to any potential home buyer.

David G. November 2015

via Thumbtack.com

“The job went smooth and the inspector was very detailed with the report”

Hien N. September 2015

via Thumbtack.com

“I hired this company for a house inspection. They were very professional and thorough. Lisa was dedicated and changed around their schedule so that my house could be inspected the next day. Joe did the inspection, and I was very impressed with his knowledge, attention to detail and completeness.

Dean K. July 2015

via Thumbtack.com

“Wade took the time to discuss all the findings of his inspection. His report classified each one on how critical it was. This was instrumental in helping to negotiate the price of the home.”

Javier G. May 2015

via Thumbtack.com

“We have nothing but praise for Hancock Inspections of New Braunfels.  From the start in speaking with Zane at the office and Wade at our first inspection, all interactions were excellent.  Wade is extremely knowledgeable, thorough and professional.
Our family called upon Wade for three separate home inspections in two weeks!
As Matt M states ” During the inspection, Wade was direct, thorough, and talked to us in ways that made sense (“lay” terms for us who definitely needed it!)”  We mirror Matt’s words.   This time can be stressful.  It was reassuring to have someone in our corner to be provide honest, understandable dialogue regarding our potential home.We highly recommend that you call upon Wade and his staff at Hancock Inspections.”

– H. C., Schertz, Texas 2015

via Yelp.com

“I just wanted to share the great experience I had using Hancock Consulting & Inspections. From the very first conversation I had with Lisa in the New Braunfels location, I knew that I would hire Hancock Consulting to do my home inspection. I was so pleased with everything. Scheduling was easy and fit in my option period, Wade, the inspector was very thorough, kind and explained anything we asked about on the property. We were never once made to feel like he needed to be somewhere else, and as promised, I received a detailed report with many color pictures of the areas in question the next day. Because of the thoroughness of the report we were able to determine that this was just not the house for us and although it was disappointing, I feel that it truly saved us from a making a bad investment. We are still in the process of looking for a home and Hancock Consulting will be the company we call for any home that we make an offer on. Thank you Lisa and Wade.”

-Tyree P., New Braunfels, TX 2015

via Yelp.com

“We found the experience of working with Wade and his staff exceptional.  From the initial contact, to the appointment reminders, to the inspection, to the follow up, everything exceeded our expectations.  During the inspection, Wade was direct, thorough, and talked to us in ways that made sense (“lay” terms for us who definitely needed it!) I would definitely recommend Hancock Consulting & Inspections to any expectant home buyers in the New Braunfels area.  Service was outstanding.”

-Matt M., New Braunfels, TX 2015

via Yelp.com

“Wade is a true professional. His inspection of my new home left me feeling confident that the builder was doing the job right. He also gave me a good education of the building process and what things to look for as they completed my home. I would recommend Hancock Consulting to anyone needing an inspection.”

-Chris B., New Braunfels, Tx 2015

via Thumbtack

“I would like to take a moment and thank you for your expeditious and comprehensive inspection. Very impressed! Thank you!”

– Richard W., San Antonio, TX 2014
via private email

“Did a great job on our inspection. Went over everything with me in detail. Will use again at our one year inspection. Awesome service!!!”

– Karen P., Converse, TX 2014
via Thumbtack

“Very professional and great experience, Thanks Wade,”

– Mark D., TX 2014
via Thumbtack

“5 Stars!!”

– Mark H., TX 2014
via Thumbtack

“Hancock inspections inspected a house for us back in September. Wade was very thorough and the report was extremely detailed. Wade explained potential problems as well as possible solutions as we walked the entire perimeter and interior of the house together. He was very friendly and professional and answered all of my questions ( and I had a lot!). I would recommend him to everyone, especially friends and family.”

– Martha L., New Braunfels, TX 2013
via Yelp

“This review is long overdue. I wanted to do inspections throughout the construction process for my house that was finished in July. Wade at Hancock Consulting & Inspections came out and did both the Rough In and Final inspections. He was very good at explaining what everything meant while we walked through and pointed out all of his findings. He was also happy to answer any questions that I had and I didn’t feel rushed. His turn-around for the inspection report was within 24 hours for both inspections which is incredibly helpful, especially during construction. I’d definitely use Hancock Consulting & Inspections again.”

– Kristy H., Austin, TX 2013
via Yelp

“I used Wade for a new construction home, to do 3 inspections. He is absolutely fantastic. He is very knowledgeable, very thorough, and very good at explaining everything in easy to understand language. He runs his business with integrity and actually has the clients’ interests at heart. He, or his wife Lisa is is equally as superb, are available all the time it seems for questions, concerns, etc. Their response time to e-mail and phone call is always within 15 minutes in my experience, and they really work with you through the many changing time frames of the home building process. The value is exceptional for the quality of work and the perfect customer service you get from Hancock Consulting. I cannot recommend them enough. From start to finish, they really take a lot of the stress out building a home, and knowing that it is getting done right to make a safe, quality environment for our family. If you want the job done right, with someone you can trust, who actually goes the extra mile, choose Hancock Consulting.”

– Eric H., New Braunfels, TX 2013
via Yelp

“We chose Hancock Consulting and Inspections b/c we wanted someone we could trust and someone that would be on our side! That is exactly what we got. Wade took his time w/ the inspection and w/ going over every detail w/ us once he completed his walk through. We received our detailed report less than 24 hrs later. I’ve recommended him to all of my friends and would highly encourage anyone looking to buy a home to call him for that all important inspection. He is on your side.”

– Melanie O., Cedar Park, TX 2013
via Yelp

“We hired Wade to do our home inspection before we bought our house earlier this year. He was thorough and took the time to teach us some things about the house we were buying. He provided us with a detailed report quickly which we appreciated since during the home buying process it feels like you are spending all your time chasing down paperwork!”

– Clair D., New Braunfels, TX 2013
via Yelp

5 Stars!!

– Ron R., TX 2013
via Thumbtack

“The service was great! We were very happy with how you went over everything with us and answered any questions we had. Your manner was very professional and friendly and we would definitely do it again. We will also recommend you to any friends or relatives that may need your service in the future. Thanks for the peace of mind you gave us.”

– Tammy C., San Antonio, TX 2013
via Direct Email

“A home inspection for a 1999 built garden home, 1715 square foot. Walked around and showed my husband all issues and recommendations and had a great detailed written report to us the next morning. I was looking for a Home Inspector in a time crunch for a house we had a contract on. Wade Hancock offered to come the same afternoon! His wife Lisa set up the appointment and was so sweet and helpful. I was a little nervous because she said he liked to go through on his own first and do a methodical inspection and then let us know what he found. I had always been right there alongside previous inspectors as they went along. But he did exactly what she said he would do and after his inspection spent plenty of time walking around showing my husband all that he found and answering any questions he had. We felt he was very good and will use his service again.”

– Laura H., New Braunfels, TX 2013
via Angie’s List

“From the first call they were very responsive and professional. Information was e mailed fast and always follow up with a call.”

– Leslie B., New Braunfels, TX 2012
via Angie’s List

“Performed a whole house inspection on a newly constructed home. Mr. Wade Hancock was prompt and professional. He submitted the full report within the promised time.”

– Nidia M., San Antonio, TX 2012
via Angie’s List

“On time, polite, made recommendations, detailed report, updated report based on action from recommendations.”

– Brian P., San Macos, TX 2012
via Angie’s List